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If you don't want Reeder to display unread or starred counts in the app, you can disable these, see "Settings"→"General".


Need help or have a question which is not answered in the FAQ below? Please feel free to send me an email. I'll try my best to get back to you as soon as possible. (Current response time is about 2-3 days.)


What's the difference between Reeder and Reeder 2?

The main goal of Reeder 2 was to bring the iPad version up-to-date. At first, the plan was to do an iPad only update. On the iPad, it's a completely new app, finally adding support for multiple services.

Reeder for iPhone is still available in the App Store. That said, if you only use Reeder on your iPhone there's no need to upgrade unless you like the new UI, of course.

Reeder 2 is just the beginning, think of it as the initial release of a new app. More will come.

Why is there no upgrade price?

That's not possible in the App Store. As a compromise, Reeder 2 is a universal app.

Why isn't Reeder 2 a free update?

I started working on Reeder 2 last winter. If this had been a free update, I probably wouldn't have finished it.

Where is landscape mode for iPhone?

This is coming with 2.1 (already submitted) for videos and images.

Where is the "Group by Feed" option in the article list?

This is coming with 2.1 (already submitted).

Will you add support for [Some Service]?

The plan is to add support for more services soon but I can't say yet which and when.

Where is Reeder for Mac?

Reeder for Mac still needs a lot of work. The plan is to have a public beta sometime this autumn.

Reeder 2.1 Changelog:

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