Reeder 3 for Mac

A news reader for Feedbin, Feedly, Feed Wrangler, FeedHQ,
NewsBlur, The Old Reader, Inoreader, Minimal Reader,
BazQux Reader, Fever, Readability and Instapaper.

Download on the Mac App Store Requires OS X 10.10 or later


Crash on launch

Reeder fails to validate since a couple of days (Feb 15) and crashes on launch. Reinstalling from the App Store should fix this:

View modes / filters

If you don't want Reeder to display unread or starred counts in the app, you can disable these, See "Reeder"→"Preferences"→"Appearance".

Ordering/grouping options for the article list

See menu "View"→"Group Items" to change the grouping of items (by date or by feed).

See menu "View"→"Sort Unread Items" to change to order of items in the article list. Please note that this option only applies to the unread view mode (see "View modes / filters" above).

Gestures don't work

The horizontal pan navigation requires a Trackpad (two fingers) or a Magic Mouse (one finger).

If the customizable three-finger gestures don't work as expected, make sure to follow the instructions in

Changing shortcuts

Most shortcuts in Reeder are customizable.
See "Reeder"→"Preferences"→"Shortcuts".

Per account settings

A lot of settings (for example sync interval) can be set individually per account.
See "Reeder"→"Preferences"→"Accounts".

No articles are fetched when syncing with Fever

Please login to the web app and mark (some of) your Sparks as read. There’s currently an issue if you have (way) too many unread items (thousands should be fine). Unfortunately, it’s not something that can be fixed in Reeder at this point.

Reset Reeder

For the rare case that Reeder doesn't work anymore, doesn't display any content or is crashing on launch, you can reset all settings and application data. To perform a reset, press and hold alt/option while launching Reeder. If Reeder is still launching, you can also reset the app by invoking "Reeder"→"Reset Reeder…".
Please note that a reset can't be undone. Also, when re-adding your accounts, Reeder will only sync starred and unread items.


I paid for Reeder, why am I seeing ads?

Reeder is not ad-supported. The ads you are seeing are coming from third-party content providers, the sites you subscribe to. Think of Reeder as a web browser but instead of a web page it displays what is in the RSS feed.

Will you add support for iCloud syncing?

That's currently not planned. There's a healthy market for RSS services, free and paid. Trying to implement this myself with iCloud wouldn't match the quality of these services. Also, by not depending on iCloud for syncing, you're always free to switch to and from other clients.

Will you add support for [Some Service]?

The plan is to add support for more services but I can't say yet which and when.


Need help or have a question which is not answered in the FAQ or Help sections above? Please feel free to send me an email. I'll try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.